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The Sine/Square Wave Audio Generator IG-18 came on the market in 1969 and was produced until 1975. The assembled version IGW-18 was replaced by the SG-18A in the early 70's. They were replaced by the IG-5218 in 1977 and was produced until 1990. They were all very similar. The difference between them is mostly about the look and color. The IG-18 / IGW-18 was brown and beige colored, the SG-18A was black and white colored and the IG-5218 was blue and white colored. In the 1/1971 issue of The Audio Amateur magazine there was this article The Greening of the IG-18 by Reginald Williamson that described how to improve the performance of the IG-18. Also Max Robinson has a site where he describes how to modify the IG-18 for ultra low distortion.



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