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My Shack
My Ham Shack  (Click to enlarge the picture)

My name is Hans Gatu and I am an engineer in electronics since the late 70's. I live in Sweden and I work as a design engineer in the electric, the electronic and the mechanical fields.

I have worked for big companies like Ericsson and ABB but also for small companies. I have also been a teacher in electronics, in tele-communications and in photography.

My first Heathkit product was the oscilloscope O-12 and the electronic switch ID-22, that makes the oscilloscope dual channel. It is really a Heathkit classic from the early 60's and I still have it in working condition. I bought it in the mid 70's already built by the previous owner. I am also a Radio Amateur and, of course, I use Heathkit amateur radios. My call is SA7AUY and my main transmitter is the HW-101 or the "Hot Water One O One". Click the "My Heathkits" tab for further information of my equipment. I am a member of the Swedish Heathkit Club that encourage to use all kinds of Heathkit equipment.

Just like Edward Heath, also I have a genuine interest in aviation. I began pilot school in 1981. I flew the Morane Saulnier SOCATA Rallye (M.S. 880), a French design with very good characteristics. Later the design was sold to Poland and was renamed to PZL Koliber (PZL 110). In 1982 I flew by my self for the first time.

PZL Koliber
PZL Koliber

Koliber cockpit
PZL Koliber  ( Real planes has a stick, not a wheel. The Rallye/Koliber is a real plane )

My pilot lessons was taking place at Hassleholm AeroClub. I have now landed permanently, due to economical reasons. I am still very interested in aviation though and I am a member of the F10 Fellowship Association at the former 10th Wing Airforce Base in the Swedish Airforce, where I did my military service in 1980. I was then an Aircraft Mechanic and I worked mostly with the J35F "Draken" fighter. At the former 10th Wing Airforce Base is now a very fine Airforce Museum. Another museum where I am a technician is the Hassleholm Military Museum. For some years I have been a K9 Dog Handler in the voluntary part of the Swedish Army, the National Home Guard.

Dog Handler
The K9 Dog Handler  (Click to enlarge the picture)

Other interests I have is Vintage Vehicles (visit my other web-site:, Photography and Choir Singing (I sing the base in the Hassleholm Church Vocal Ensemble).

The Hassleholm Church Vocal Ensemble   (Click to enlarge the picture)

You can contact me at this e-mail address:


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