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The Capacitor Checker IT-11 came on the market in 1961. In 1968 it was replaced by the IT-28 and was produced until 1977. There is only minor differences between the IT-11 and the IT-28, mostly it is about new look and color. It is a utility capacitor checker instrument to check whether a capacitor is "open", "shorted", "leaking" or "OK". It can be used to determine the actual capacitance of a capacitor but also the actual resistance of a resistor. The IT-11 is also an excellent utility to reform electrolytic capacitors. In my IT-11 I have replaced the internal reference capacitors since they were way out of tolerance. An electron beam tube or "magic eye" is used for the read-out indicator.

This is a description how to reform electrolytic capacitors with the IT-11 (and IT-28).


IT-11 Spec


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